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"One of the finest singer/songwriters to emerge in recent years" - Jim Gellatly, John Peel Award Winner
Scottish singer/songwriter Jono started recording his songs aged 13 when his dad got him a 4-track cassette recorder. His father had been in rock-n-roll bands and mother in musical theatre. Fast forward to his 20’s and Jono has recorded his early material, gigged in countless bands, produced for local, signed and charting artists.

"Hauntingly beautiful acoustic sounds; the prodigious talent of singer/songwriter Jono" - Russell Kane, Q Radio
Due to inherit the family business; a manufacturing company where he worked as a graphic designer, Jono walked away from this secure future to produce his debut solo album. Rounded yet rugged, refined yet raw, he launched the album “Sentimental Anarchist” to critical acclaim, built around his infectious voice, melodies and unique guitar style. The debut album was single handedly written and recorded in his Glasgow flat.

"The album was blinding; one of the best I have heard in ages" - Carol Cunningham, Music News Scotland
Feathers in Jono’s cap include XFM Artist of the Week, XFM Album of the Week, XFM Single of the Week, no.83 most watched UK Music Video on YouTube for “Stuck in the City”, Winner of UK Undiscovered 2010, highlight of the KKL Plaza stage at the Blue Balls Festival Switzerland, and the Main Acoustic Stage at Wickerman Festival.

"I like Jono's song Stuck In The City a lot! It's REALLY catchy!" - Alex Zane, TV and Radio Presenter
With a full band behind him for the album launch, Jono packed out the 450 capacity Classic Grand, then embarked on his first UK tour. Each day, BBC and local radio stations got him on the air for interviews prior to the evening gigs. He has since toured the UK and mainland Europe relentlessly, performing on the bill with artists such as Newton Faulkner, Ben Harper, KT Tunstall, Beth Ditto (The Gossip), Cast, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Macy Gray, Erykah Badu, Jamie Lidell...

"Jono holds his own in the company of Jack Johnson and Newton Faulkner" - David Esson, Sunday Express
Features in the press include The Sun, Daily Record, Evening Times, Metro, and radio stations such as Q Radio (Russell Kane), BBC6 Music (Tom Robinson), BBC Scotland (Jim Gellatly), BBC Wales (Alan Thompson), Myspace Radio (Alex Zane), Kerrang! (Alex Baker)... while his live shows have seen him travel all over Scotland, England, Wales, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Malta, and the USA.

"Jono's voice has this texture to it that makes everything seem alright" - Alex Baker, Kerrang! Radio

Jono has been compared to singer/songwriters like John Mayer, Kelly Jones, Jeff Buckley, Jason Mraz and James Morrison. However, he maintains an extraordinarily distinctive style, shaped in part by eclectic influences such as Bob Marley, The Police, Guns n Roses, Rage Against the Machine, Underworld, Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx.
"The rasp in Jono's voice gives Paolo Nutini a run for his money" - Alan Morrison, Sunday Herald

On a skiing break at the beginning of 2009 Jono suffered a violent fall, coming inches from death and shattering his left shoulder. He flew home for an operation with no guarantee of ever being able to play guitar again. He had been nominated for the Red Stripe Awards, so he sang in a sling, using a laptop with the guitar parts on it.
"With one of his wings seriously clipped Jono managed to pull off a mesmerizing set" - Clare Dixon, Red Stripe

Following intensive physiotherapy Jono is making music again, with vigour like he has never known, happy that he is still alive and able to play the guitar. With a massive and explosive energy that you would normally only expect to feel from a full band, Jono’s solo performances have become a sight and sound to behold, leaving new audiences stunned, while familiar crowds scream out the lyrics. He is currently writing and recording his second solo album, often discovering new lyrics and melodies in his dreams.
"Jono's live performance smacked me right between the eyes and ears!" - Jim Symon, Radio Clyde2


The album sounds amazing! Sentimental Anarchist is just packed full of brilliant little pop songs. Stuck in the City is a cracker! Acoustic music never really sounded as good as this. One of the finest singer songwriters to emerge in recent years.
- Jim Gellatly, John Peel Award Winning DJ

If the reputation of the British singer-songwriter has been rendered bland by the likes of James Blunt, Scotland's Jono brings some of the street cred of a soul-soaked busker to his craft. His self-funded debut solo album begins on a positive note, with Stuck In The City's acoustic guitar providing a pavement platform for his songwriting skills, before the fuller funkier band sound of Silver Nails harks back to the British blues-rock singer style of the 1960s. The rasp in Jono's voice gives Paolo Nutini a run for his money.
- Alan Morrsion, The Sunday Herald

Self-recorded, self-played and self-released, Jono’s album exudes a brash confidence from start to finish. Subtle it ain’t, but Sentimental Anarchist pushes his songs right into your face and keeps them there. He has both the ability and the hooks to sustain such a frontal assault.
- Sam Inglis, Sound on Sound

We have chosen Sentimental Anarchist as one of our top four. The album was blinding. One of the best albums I have heard in ages. Thanks to Jono for making it a pleasure doing the top four!
- Carol Cunningham, Music News Scotland

Short in stature but tall in self-belief, Scottish singer-songwriter Jono treads the path well worn by such as Paolo Nutini, Jack Johnson and Newton Faulkner, and can hold his own in that company. It is impressive to note that everything was recorded and produced by Jono in one room of a Glasgow flat.
- David Esson, The Sunday Express

Stuck In The City is brilliant. A real summer time song. I was humming it on the way to work today. A Day Ago is one of my favourites. An incredible song with hints of Prince and U2. Superb. A real stand out. Not Love blew me away. What a track. I was dying to hear Jono have a go at a real love song and this is it. Wow! Everything else I also love! It's a belter of an album!
- Matt Bendoris, The Scottish Sun